VEGAN life when traveling…it’s actually SO easy and fun!!!

How I eat when traveling

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Just a quick post today to share how AWESOME and easy traveling as a VEGAN can be!!  In the last 2 months, I have gone to Vegas and then LA and I managed to stay completely Vegan.  I was a little worried about all of the group dinners, eating out and “non vegan” options I THOUGHT I would find…but guess what I have learned about Vegan Eating?!?!?  There is pretty much a Vegan option at all restaurants now.  Some even have a small Vegan menu-AMAZING!!!  The biggest thing I want to share with you is even if there is no specific Vegan menu…you can CREATE a Vegan dish without being a complete pain in the A**.  🙂

Let’s start with Vegas, I went out for Japanese food with some of my favorite Cheer family friends.  It was a huge group of us and a mix of adults and kids, Appetizers were ordered and guess what was one of the things that came out?!??  2 different types of roasted Edamame-a Vegans dream.  It was a perfect form of protein and a yummy way to start the dinner out.  For dinner, I ordered brown rice, and a tofu veggie stir fry-YUM-completely satisfying and I didn’t feel “weird” or not able to partake in an awesome night out!  At a few of the other restaurants, I noticed they had a Veggie Burger patty on the menu.  When I see that option, and no other Vegan option…I almost ALWAYS ask for a large salad with lots of veggies, a Veggie (or Vegan) Burger grilled and sliced on top and add Avocado and beans if they have garbanzo’s or Kidney beans (black beans work too :)).  I ask for Balsamic and Olive Oil on the side and boom- my Vegan meal is created and it is full of good protein, fats and healthy veggies.  Was this salad option I just mentioned above on the menu?  NO, not really, but how hard was it for the restaurant to simply grill and slice that veggie patty to add to my salad?  SIMPLE modifications and additions  and no one ever minds…all you have to do is ASK!!!  I did this at the ESPN Zone where it was pretty much “upscale” bar foods.  My Vegan burger salad loaded up with all veggies and Avocado ended up being SO delicious and kept me on track.

When we were in LA this past weekend, we had a crazy tight schedule for lunches due to the cheer competition and practices, so we all just ate at the food trucks that came to the area each day for lunch.  Again, I kind of worried before we got to the trucks, thinking…hmmm…what the heck am I going to be able to order from a very busy food truck and if I make crazy Vegan requests they might spit in my food or spill roll their eyes and tell me they can’t make changes.  Boy was I WROING about that assumption.  Guess what?!?!?  4 out of the 8 food trucks already had a Vegan option ON THE REGULAR MENU!!! Say what?  YES!  Check out my photos!!!


Food Truck Heaven!!!


This was the Chana Masala and it was AMAZING!!!!

I also had the Plato’s Salad Bowl which I talked about in my Instagram post-you guys it was DELICIOUS and full of SO much goodness.  I was satisfied and barely wanted dinner after eating this at 2pm!!!  (I will be recreating this dish which was full of quinoa-tabouli, hummus, cabbage, beets, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapeños, falafel and topped with a light Tahini Sauce.


So, yes…I’d say I SCORED with these two options, but there were even MORE than these…and I’ll spare you my ramble about all of the other choices.  My point is, Vegan is not hard-even at a FOOD TRUCK.  I was LUCKY with these finds, but lets just say for example the Indian food truck ONLY had chicken Masala.  I would have simply subbed out the chicken for more veggies and asked them to add in garbanzo beans which was in 2 other dishes.  See, there is ALWAYS a way.  I even enjoyed my first EVER Sprinkles cupcake…VEGAN Red Velvet!!! 


In addition to finding healthy options when eating out, I ALWAYS pack/travel with these 4 snacks just incase I can’t find many Vegan options:

NO COW Protein bars (various flavors)


Trail Mix

Dried Fruit

UNREAL Chocolate treats (for when the sweet tooth hits:))


When I get somewhere, I also try to find a store and pick up a few Apples/Bananas and Sparkling water.  This way I never get too hungry and am never tempted to splurge on non vegan or not so healthy snacks, b/c I am always prepared.  The family enjoys all of these snacks too-so we all stay fueled on good for us foods.

For breakfast…I am usually able to find a Starbucks and I get an Almond Milk Americano with the “perfect Oatmeal” which comes with dried fruit and mixed nuts to top it with.  If I am not feeling the oatmeal, I grab and apple and some almonds or one of my NO COW protein bars (blueberry is my FAV for breakfast :)).


As you can all see…Vegan Travel IS possible and it doesn’t have to be iceberg lettuce with balsamic Viniagarette like everyone assumes.  If these amazing photos don’t make you THINK about trying a few Vegan meals just because…I don’t know what will.  Seriously ,they were SO good!!!


Happy VEGAN TRAVEL friends…don’t be nervous about traveling Vegan.  Enjoy the adventure of finding AMAZING Vegan eats and be sure to share them with the people you are traveling with!





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