Grain Free-Gluten Free-Vegan Tortillas-Say What?!?!?

5 ingredient Homemade Tortillas

VIOLA!  Thanks to an amazing blogger, restauranteur and hotelier I started following, the talented Daniella Hunter, today I made a grain, gluten, and dairy free tortilla and I am inLOVE-LOVE-LOVE.  So I had to do a quick blog post for you all and share this amazing goodness with my fellow health conscious peeps.

Ever since I went VEGAN in January, I have been testing out lots of new and fun recipes on all of my family favorites.  In addition to being Vegan, I am also trying to avoid gluten, so I started testing out baking with coconut and other non grain flours.  Our 12 year old also gave up  gluten for lent, and has been feeling amazing…so I have also been on the hunt for all kinds of new healthy gluten free things for her to eat and try. We ALL love tortilla chips and tortillas in this house.  However, if we want to eat quesadillas, tacos or guacamole, our only options are corn (for Sydney and I) or flour tortillas, none of which are all that great for us-yet they are SO SO SO delicious.   Do we give them up completely?!?!? NO WAY!!!  But….I just couldn’t figure out a good recipe that we all liked that met all of my nutrition standards. That is until….TODAY 🙂

I happened to be shopping at Molly Stones about 2 weeks ago and found “The Real Coconut” brand Coconut Tortilla chips.  They were grain free, gluten free, Vegan and had perfectly whole ingredients…so I bought a few bags.  All I have to say is YUM-double YUM…we all liked them.  I was so excited about the nutritious side of them, but also loved the snack-ability crunch of them. I then went on their website and fell in LOVE with everything about the company and the founder (Daniella Hunter).  You all know that when I find something or someone amazing, I love to share, promote and give them the “props” they deserve.  Daniella and this company deserves every bit of my praise.  Trust me you will want to buy some of the chips-I know for sure they are at our local Molly Stones in San Mateo, but here is the website  for any of my out of town readers: Buy the Chips HERE or learn more here:

I explored the companies website and became fascinated with the mission behind the product and wanted SO badly to go back to Mexico (Tulum) to be exact to go eat at The Real Coconut Restaurant.  It is kind of funny, because just 3 weeks ago, Aram and I were about 20 minutes away from this restaurant when we were on my Stella & Dot Glam Getaway trip at the Grand Villas in Cancun, but I had no idea about Daniella or The Real Coconut until I found the chips.  What a BUST I thought.  I kept looking at the resort/restaurant and longed to plan another trip there.  Then magically, I stumbled upon their “secret” recipe for you guessed it…coconut flour tortillas! I was SO flipping excited.  I ordered the (2) extra ingredients I didn’t have that I needed and was finally was able to try them today!!!  You guys…these will for sure be a STAPLE in this house.  All of the ingredients I used below are from Amazon or Whole Foods. But you can get these things at almost ANY grocery store.

5 ingredients I can feel good about-WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!


How to make the AMAZING Coconut Flour Tortillas

You will need:

  • 80g Fine Coconut Flour
  • 120g Tapioca
  • 4g Xanthan Gum
  • 4g Salt
  • Water


  1. Whisk all the dry ingredients together to ensure that the flours, salt and xanthan are well distributed.
  2.  Slowly add water, mixing in until a dough forms.  At this point you can get your hands in to knead the dough.  The dough should be soft and malleable. (NB. Coconut flour absorbs water rapidly so it’s worth adding a touch more water to create a softer dough, and letting it sit for around 10 mins).
  3. Form dough balls of around 20-25g per ball
  4. At this point the recipe called for a tortilla press or a rolling pin., and roughly 8” squares of parchment or plastic. BUT…today I actually just used a cast iron sandwich press (basically anything heavy will work-so DO NOT feel like you have to buy a new gadget :)) **Tortilla Press: Place a piece of plastic on each side of the tortilla press and place a ball onto the center of the base.  Press down firmly to form the tortilla.  Don’t press too hard otherwise it will be difficult to separate the tortilla from the plastic without tearing.  At this point you can either place your tortilla straight onto a griddle pan or create a pile within layers of parchment. **Rolling Pin: Using parchment or plastic on either side of the ball, roll the dough ball out into a circle. You may not get a perfect circular tortilla, and will probably be slightly thicker than a tortilla from the press.** Cast Iron Sandwich Press: Using parchment on one side of the ball, roll the dough ball out into a circle and place it directly onto the hot pan-press down with parchment paper (sprayed with coconut oil) until the ball is flat. You may not get a perfect circular tortilla, and will probably be slightly thicker than a tortilla from the tortilla press-BUT…check out mine in the photos below-pretty darn perfectly imperfect if you as me.  (SEE MY PHOTO ABOVE for my sandwich press)
  5. To cook the tortillas, place on a dry griddle pan, over a medium heat, turning after a couple of minutes.  See my photo below: 

6. The good part-EATING and SHARING them! Serve with your favorite dips, vegan (or normal) cheeses, roasted veggies, hummus or really ANYTHING that you would normally use a Tortilla for.  My hubby happened to be home this afternoon as I was experimenting with this recipe and tasted one right off the pan.  He was SO impressed and said it tasted like a fluffy-bubbly-warm “bad for you” flour tortilla…BUT the best part is they are actually SO good for you.  ONLY 5 ingredient and  Check out these MACROS for 3 tortillas: 160 Total Fat 3g Saturated Fat2.5g Trans Fat 0g 31g Dietary Fiber 10g (net carbs 21)Sugars 1g Protein 3g  (obviously for only 1 you are looking at 53 calories, 1 gram of fat, 7 carbs etc.)

I have also decided that I MIGHT even invest in a tortilla press so mine look as pretty as they taste 🙂
Cheers to amazing health and enjoying all of your favorite foods…just VEGAN-ISED and health-ified!


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